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Students who graduated from SDT are globally competitive and fits directly into their industries across the globe. It is the priority of the University to produce entrepreneurs as well as industry-ready graduates.

Teaching Philosophy

The programs in SDT are quite time-consuming and challenges the individual to be a problem solver. This of which requires discipline and consistency to be able to achieve a successful outcome.

Students will hold SDT accountable for programs that work, and also for programs that achieve results. We hold students accountable in the area of consistency and discipline. These include the completion of assignments and projects on time and overall students are advised to accept the process of the school accordingly.

Students embark on real-world projects from top companies with the aim of producing whatever they see and experience on the project. There is a guarantee to develop the skill-set required for the project.

We focus on what really matters which is learning by building. Students will not be burdened with assessments that will get negligible results, but rather a practical approach that would be significant for world-class projects.